Nigerian students of the Bini/Edo ethnic group had the highest tertiary institution completion rate as of 2013

Nigerian students of Bini/Edo ethnicity had the highest tertiary institution completion rate as of 2013. Igbo, Ebira/Igbira, Ibibio, and Yoruba were notable ethnic groups in the top five. Which ethnic group do you think currently leads Nigeria's tertiary institution completion?
As of 2013, for a programme lasting at least four years, 21% of students from the Bini/Edo aged 25 to 29 completed their studies; for students between 30 and 34, it was 17%.
However, for those between 25 and 29 in a programme lasting at least two years, the Ebira/Igbira led with 41%, followed by Bini/Edo with 35%.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
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