Nigeria: Generated Value Added Tax (VAT) for Q1 2012 - 2021

VAT in Nigeria was increased to 7.5% from 5%, effective from January 13, 2020. Though the increase didn’t affect Q1 2020’s figures that much, figures from Q1 2021 exceed Q1 2020’s by 53%. Here’s the total VAT generated for Q1 of the past ten years.

National Bureau of Statistics, Federal Inland Revenue Service
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Q1 2012 - Q1 2021
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Nigeria has collected a total of ₦17.5 trillion tax from companies between 2015 and 2023
Nigeria collected nearly ₦5 trillion income tax from companies in 2023. The amount collected in 2023 is 3.5x the collections in 2015 and 73% more than in 2022. Here are Nigeria's company income tax collections since 2015.

Nigeria: VAT revenue reached ₦3.6t in 2023, more than 7x the amount generated in 2013
Nigeria's VAT revenue has grown every year since 2013, reaching ₦3.6 trillion in 2023. The amount collected in 2023 exceeded 2022’s by ₦1.13 trillion — a 45% increase.

Nigeria: Distribution of generated Value Added Tax (VAT) by sector for Q1 2020 and Q1 2021
Of the total VAT generated in Q1 2021, Non-Import (foreign) VAT recorded a 116% increase — the highest compared with the same period of 2020. Here is a breakdown of the VAT generated by sectors in Q1 2020 and Q1 2021.

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