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Spotify artiste earnings in 2023: Distribution across income tiers
Spotify paid out more than $9 billion in music royalties in 2023. Artistes who received earnings ranged from 259,700 earning at least $1,000 to just 60 earning $10 million or more.

Twenty states and the FCT added a combined ₦643b to their domestic debt in 2023
How much more debt did Nigerian states add to their existing domestic debt in 2023? Nigerian states' domestic debt increased by 9.8% in 2023, with 20 states and the FCT contributing to this increase. Lagos State recorded the biggest jump in domestic debt with ₦241.5b added.

World Happiness Report: Nigeria's happiness score has remained below 5 since 2020
Nigeria’s happiness scores range from 4.552 to 5.268, fluctuating from year to year. There was a slight upward trend from 2016 to 2019, with the highest recorded in 2015. Here are Nigeria's happiness scores from 2012.

Nigeria's external debt increased by $800m in 2023, the lowest increase in the past seven years
At the end of every year from 2017 to 2023, Nigeria added between $800m and $7.5b to its external debt. After repaying $3.5 billion of its external debt in 2023, the country's external debt only increased by $800m as of December, marking the lowest increase in the past 7 years.

Debt financing accounts for 42% of Moove Africa's disclosed funding as of March 19, 2024
Moove Africa's total disclosed funding as of March 19, 2024, comprises 41.6% debt financing, 22.5% Series B, 19.8% Series A, 14.9% private equity, and 1.2% Seed round.

Moove Africa has disclosed funding at least twice every year since 2021
In its second funding disclosure in 2024, Moove Africa has raised $100 million in a Series B round. The startup has disclosed funding at least twice yearly since 2021 and six times in 2022. The total disclosed funding now totals $444M.

Nigeria has collected a total of ₦17.5 trillion tax from companies between 2015 and 2023
Nigeria collected nearly ₦5 trillion income tax from companies in 2023. The amount collected in 2023 is 3.5x the collections in 2015 and 73% more than in 2022. Here are Nigeria's company income tax collections since 2015.

Nigeria is the 11th happiest country of 40 African countries surveyed as of 2024 and 102nd in the world
Nigeria has ranked the 102nd happiest country of 143 countries surveyed globally as of 2024; it ranked 11th of 40 African countries.​ ​​ ​Libya ranked 66th globally and 1st in Africa, followed by Mauritius and South Africa in 70th and 83rd positions, respectively. The World Happiness Report ranks happiness based on GDP per capita, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, and corruption.

Top 15 inflation rates in the world; Nigeria ranks 13th globally, with an inflation rate of 31.7%
Inflation rate in Nigeria increased to 31.7% in February 2024. Nigeria has the 13th highest inflation rate out of 186 countries and territories as of February 2024. The data showcases Argentina leading with 276%, followed by Lebanon and Syria. Seven of the top fifteen are African.

Nigeria: All vehicle categories saw substantial decreases in road accident cases except for luxury bus and bicycle
In 2023, Nigeria experienced an overall decrease of 24% in road accidents compared to the previous year. All vehicle categories contributed to this decline except Luxury Bus, which recorded 13 cases more than in 2022, and Bicycle, which recorded 4 more than in 2022. Commercial vehicles recorded 68% of the total road accidents in the country, followed by private vehicles with 31%; 194 government vehicles and 4 diplomat vehicles were involved in road accidents in the year.

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