Biggest chocolate exporters in the world in 2020

Apart from dominating the global cocoa industry in 2020, Ivory Coast — leading in African chocolate exports — is ranked 27th among the top chocolate exporters in the world. Here is how it compares with the world's top 10 chocolate exporters by value in 2020.

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Nigeria: Q1 2024 exports value reached more than half of 2023’s total exports
In Q1 2024, there was a 146% increase in Nigeria's foreign trade value from ₦12.9t in Q1 2023, with exports reaching ₦19.2t, and surpassing the whole of 2020's exports (₦12.5t). The total trade value in the quarter reached nearly half of the total trade in 2023.

Nigeria’s top five export destinations made up 44% of the total exports in 2023
Nigeria's exports amounted to ₦35.9 trillion in 2023, with the Netherlands its top destination accounting for ₦4.5 trillion, followed by Spain with ₦3.3 trillion. India and the United States were also top destinations. Here are Nigeria's top export destinations in 2023.

Top African countries by chocolate export value in 2020
On 2020's World Chocolate Day, an annual celebration of chocolate, we look at the top 12 African countries with the highest chocolate export value in 2020 -- a combined $421.43m.

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