Surge in Nigeria’s capital importation: Portfolio investments lead the way with 570% increase in Q1 2024

Nigeria's foreign portfolio investment surged by 570% in Q1 2024, hitting $2.1 billion and making up 61% of total capital imports. This boost ends a 15-quarter slump, surpassing Q4 2019‘s levels.

Overall capital imports for Q1 2024 reached $3.4 billion, with $119.2 million from foreign direct investments and $1.2 billion from other investments.

National Bureau of Staistics
Q1 2019 - Q1 2024
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Nigeria's stock market dominates foreign investments inflow with $48 billion in shares over ten years
Nigeria's economy attracted $114 billion in the past decade from foreign investors. They invested $48 billion in shares, making up 42% of total capital imports. The Banking and Finance sectors followed with $21.6 billion and $15.7 billion, respectively, accounting for a combined 33%. Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and Servicing sectors collectively attracted $19.2 billion. Businesses related to Trading, Agriculture, and Oil and Gas each received 2%. This distribution underscores investors' confidence in Nigeria's financial services sector over others.

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