Only 4 Internet Service Operators in Nigeria have over 10,000 active subscribers as of Q3 2022

There were over a hundred Internet Service Providers in Nigeria and only 4 have over 10,000 active subscribers as of Q3 2022. Spectranet led with 115, 103 active subscribers. No other operator has up to 20,000 active subscribers.

Nigerian Communications Commission
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Starlink had the 4th highest active subscribers among Nigeria’s ISPs as of Q3 2023, 8 months after launch
As of the end of September 2023, Starlink Nigeria had amassed a customer base of 11,207 active subscribers, growing 66% from 6,756 in June. It placed 4th in the market after Spectranet (113,747), Tizeti Network (19,126), and ipNX Nigeria (14,871).

Spectranet tops the list of Internet Service Operators in Nigeria by active Internet subscribers as of Q3 2022
Spectranet had the highest Internet subscribers among the Internet Service Operators (ISOs) in Nigeria as of Q3 2022, accounting for 56.19%. No other operator has up to 10% of the total number of subscribers on ISOs in the country.

The amount of time it would take to work to afford the cheapest broadband internet in African countries
South Africa's broadband internet is the most affordable among the 25 African countries surveyed. Subscribers would work 1 hour 43 minutes to afford the country’s cheapest broadband internet.

The amount of time it would take to afford the cheapest mobile Internet in African countries
Surfshark's 2023 Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index surveyed Internet affordability and four other key factors influencing the digital well-being of 121 countries, including 25 from Africa. Per the finding, Angola leads Africa in terms of Internet affordability in 2023.

Nigeria's broadband Internet download speed has improved significantly since 2019
Global average broadband Internet speed, according to, has risen from 7.41mbps in 2017 to 46.79mbps in 2023. Similarly, Nigeria's average broadband Internet speed increased 561% from 3.15Mbps in 2017. What is your current Internet download speed? Comment below.

Sudan currently has the cheapest broadband rates of 219 countries and territories surveyed in 2023
According to a recent study, Sudan has the cheapest broadband options in 2023, with an average monthly cost of just $2.30.

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