Nigerians studying in the US have increased by 3,200, reaching a record high of 17,600 students

Since 2001, the 2022/23 academic year has recorded the highest number of Nigerians studying in US' higher institutions, adding 3,202 students to the previous academic year to reach 17,640. This represents the biggest addition in the time period.

Institute of International Education
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16.3% of African-born immigrants living in the US in 2022 were Nigerians
In 2022, the US hosted a diverse African immigrant community, totaling over 2.75 million. ​​ ​Nigerians make up the largest group at 448,405 (16.3%), followed by Ethiopians (10.6%), Egyptians (8.3%), and Ghanaians (7.8%).

Nigerians accounted for nearly 1% of the US immigrant population as of 2022
From 2006 to 2022, the Nigerian-born immigrant population in the US saw significant growth, increasing from 197.5k to 448.4k. This figure reflects almost a 1% share of the total foreign-born population in the US, which reached 46.2m in 2022. Notably, the most rapid increases occurred between 2014 and 2022, with the Nigerian immigrant population jumping from 264.4k to 448.4k.

Indians had the most Canadian work permits with a 32% share; Nigeria was among the top ten as of December 2023
As of December 2023, Indians accounted for one in three holders of Canadian work permits, representing 32% of the total (1.76 million). Ukraine followed with almost 10%. Nigeria came 8th, with 2% of the permit holders.  

Nigerians with Canadian work permits increased by 118% year-over-year in December 2023
As of December 2023, more than 36,000 Nigerians — 2% of the global holders — had Canadian work permits. This number represented a 118% rise from December 2022. Nigeria's share of the total peaked in December 2018 at 2.4%. N.B. The number of global holders of the Canadian work permit increased by 60% in 2023.

Nigerians accounted for 1 in every 27 individuals granted Canadian permanent residency status in 2023
Canada granted permanent residency to 471.8k individuals in 2023, with Indian citizens leading with nearly 30% of the total. Nigeria (3.7%), Cameroon (2.5%), and Eritrea (2.3%) were in the top ten recipients.    

Canadian permanent resident status: Nigeria's share of issuances dropped to 3.7% in 2023
After growing from 1.5% in 2015 and peaking at 5.1% in 2022, Nigeria's share of Canadian permanent residency status issuances dropped to 3.7% in 2023. This is Nigeria's share of Canadian permanent residency status issuances since 2015.

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