Nigeria: NIPOST's revenue continued to decline in 2022

Between 2017 and 2022, the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) recorded 1.4% revenue growth only in 2018. NIPOST's revenue has gradually declined from ₦8.8 billion in 2016 to ₦3 billion in 2022, representing a 66% drop. Here are NIPOST's revenues since 2016.
National Bureau of Statistics
2016 - 2022
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Kenya's government will contribute only 19.1% of the cost of the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) lane in Nairobi
Kenya received $377.8 million (Sh50 billion) from a consortium of European agencies to build a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) lane in Nairobi in 2023 which is also the first electric bus lane in the East Africa region. The European Union will provide $48.9 million (Sh6.47 billion) in grants, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) will jointly support the project with $256.8 million (Sh33.9 billion), and Kenya will bring $72.0 million (Sh9.5 billion).

Nigeria experienced a significant downturn in visitor arrivals in 2020, marking the lowest point in 25 years
The number of non-resident visitors to Nigeria fell sharply in 2020 to the lowest level in 25 years. This sudden downturn was a contrast to the years between 1995 and 2010 when Nigeria's tourism sector experienced an amazing upswing.
Nigeria saw a record high of 6.1 million non-resident visitors in 2010, highlighting the country's increasing appeal as a travel destination. A remarkable spike in arrivals of 5.24 million in 2007 made the year stand out.
The global pandemic in 2020, however, caused a significant decline, with just 1.21 million visitors — the lowest number since 1996.

Nigeria: Road accidents increased every fourth quarter since 2019
Examining road accidents in Nigeria from Q1 2019 to Q2 2023 shows that crashes increased in every fourth quarter. This can be attributed to increased road traffic during the festive periods. Here are road accidents in Nigeria from Q1 2019 to Q2 2023 and ways to reduce accidents.

Nigeria: NIPOST handled twice as many mails in 2022 than it did in 2021
While revenue continued to decline in 2022, the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) witnessed a remarkable turnaround in its mail handling operations in 2022, handling two times what it did in 2021, the first growth in handled mails recorded since 2016.

Nigeria: The cost of intra-city bus transportation doubled in June 2023
Following the May 29th announcement of fuel subsidy removal, which took effect on July 1st, transit fares increased drastically in June. Average bus fares within the city increased by 97.9%, while intercity bus trips increased by 42.1%.
Motorcycle (Okada) services witnessed a 33.1% increase in rates, while waterway passenger transport costs increased by 30.7%; air travel on specified routes saw a 4.9% increase in fares.

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