Mauritius has had more broadband Internet subscribers than its population since 2019

In addition to having one of the lowest populations on the continent, Mauritius boasts the greatest broadband penetration rate — 147.39% as of 2022 — of any country in Africa. The eastern African nation's broadband Internet subscribers surpassed its population in 2019.

Information and Communication Technologies Authority of Mauritius
2017 - 2022
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With 12,690 new subscribers in Q4 2023, Starlink becomes Nigeria's 3rd largest internet service provider
In Q4 2023, Spectranet maintained its top position as Nigeria's biggest internet service provider with nearly 114k active subscribers, holding 43% of the market share. FiberOne followed with 10% of the market. Starlink increased its subscriber base by 113% to claim the 3rd position with 9% of the market. Here are Nigeria's top internet service providers by active subscribers in Q4 2023.

Nigeria: The telecoms industry’s contribution to the GDP has hit the 15% mark twice in 5 years

Over the past few years, the information and communications technology industry has been one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing industries. In Q4 2023, it was among the top three contributors to the real GDP with 14%. Between 2015 and 2023, its quarterly GDP hit 15% twice.

Global smartphone shipments: Xiaomi's Ascension and Apple's steady growth
In 2023, 1.17 billion smartphones were shipped globally. Samsung and Apple maintained their stronghold on the smartphone market, collectively accounting for 38%, with each brand capturing 19%. Xiaomi maintained a 12% share after peaking at 14% in 2021. Apple's market share shows a gradual increase from 2020, reaching 19% in 2022 and 2023.

Nearly one-third of Nigeria's telecoms subscribers use 4G
In May 2023, 4G made up 25% of Nigeria's telecoms market; by March 2024, its share had increased to 32.7%. 2G's share of the market went from 58% to 57%, with 3G dropping from 16.5% to 9%. 5G has maintained steady growth from 0.12% to 1.24%.

16.3 billion smartphones have been shipped globally in the past 13 years
In 1994, the IBM Simon Personal Communicator, paved the way for a digital revolution. Fast forward to 2017, when smartphone shipments peaked at 1.57 billion units. However, the subsequent six-year period witnessed a 25% decline in shipments.

MTN Nigeria recorded its first loss in 2023 since its Initial Public Offering
MTN Nigeria recorded its first loss in 2023 because of a loss of forex. The naira recorded a massive loss to the US dollar in the second half of 2023, with a 95% drop. The company's revenue jumped from ₦1.04 trillion in 2018 to ₦2.47 trillion. While its profit after tax grew alongside the revenue from 2018 to 2022, it dropped from ₦349b to a ₦137b loss in 2023.

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