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With $2.8 trillion in sales, China is the largest eCommerce market globally
With Chinese platforms like Alibaba and AliExpress serving customers across the globe, China's eCommerce sales in 2021 ($2.78 trillion) are larger than the sales in the USA, the UK, and other countries of the top 10 eCommerce markets globally combined.

Nigeria and Egypt are the only African countries projected to be in the top 15 economies by the year 2075
Per projections made by Goldman Sachs, China should lead the global economy in terms of GDP by the year 2075, closely followed by India and the US. Nigeria and Egypt are the only African countries expected to be in the top 15 by that time.

The number of Nigerian travellers refused entry at the UK border has dropped by 70% from its peak in 2012
Between 2010 and 2022, 8,848 passengers — 3.4% of the global refusals for the period — from Nigeria were refused entry into the UK for various reasons. The refusals have gradually declined from their peak (1,117) in 2012 to 340 in 2022.

43% of Nigeria's capital imports since 2014 have come from the UK
Over the past nine years, the UK has been a major player in Nigeria's economy, contributing a substantial 43% ($47.5b) of the total capital imports. The UK's biggest capital investments in Nigeria occurred in 2014 and 2019. Since peaking in 2019, they have fallen 75% as of 2022.

Nigerians made up 6.5% of international students in the United Kingdom as of 2022
In the 2021/2022 academic year, 2.86 million students studied in UK's higher education institutions, with 680k (23.8%) being international students. Nigerians accounted for 44k (6.5%) of overseas students in the UK, trailing China's 151k (22.3%) and India's 126k (18.6%).

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