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43% of Nigeria's capital imports since 2014 have come from the UK
Over the past nine years, the UK has been a major player in Nigeria's economy, contributing a substantial 43% ($47.5b) of the total capital imports. The UK's biggest capital investments in Nigeria occurred in 2014 and 2019. Since peaking in 2019, they have fallen 75% as of 2022.

Europe and Asia were Nigeria's top destinations for exports and imports, respectively, in H1 2023
In H1 2023, Nigeria's total trade was ₦24.79 trillion — ₦13.5 trillion worth of exports and ₦11.29 trillion imports. Here are Nigeria’s trading partners by region in H1 2023.

68% of Nigeria's capital imports in Q1 went to three sectors — banking, production, and IT services
Most of Nigeria's capital imports in the first quarter of 2023 were directed toward three sectors. The banking sector got the most investments with $304 million, accounting for 27%, and the production and IT services sectors followed, with 22% and 19%, respectively.

Lagos and the FCT attracted 98% of Nigeria’s capital imports in Q1 2023
In Q1 2023, eight Nigerian states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) received $1.13 billion in capital imports. Lagos State secured $705 million (62%) and the FCT attracted $410 million (36%), adding up to 98%.

In the past 10 years, Nigeria has received $131 billion in capital imports
Nigeria's capital importation has been on a decline after it hit a $24 billion peak in 2019. In the past 10 years, it received $131 billion, with the lowest recorded in 2016. Here are the country's capital imports since 2013.

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