The iPhone accounted for 52.5% of Apple's net sales by product category in 2021

Since launching in 2007, the iPhone has been a key part of Apple's revenue stream. Apple's 2021 annual report shows that net sales for iPhones accounted for over half of the company's total net sales for the year.

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Global smartphone shipments: Xiaomi's Ascension and Apple's steady growth
In 2023, 1.17 billion smartphones were shipped globally. Samsung and Apple maintained their stronghold on the smartphone market, collectively accounting for 38%, with each brand capturing 19%. Xiaomi maintained a 12% share after peaking at 14% in 2021. Apple's market share shows a gradual increase from 2020, reaching 19% in 2022 and 2023.

16.3 billion smartphones have been shipped globally in the past 13 years
In 1994, the IBM Simon Personal Communicator, paved the way for a digital revolution. Fast forward to 2017, when smartphone shipments peaked at 1.57 billion units. However, the subsequent six-year period witnessed a 25% decline in shipments.

iPhone net sales in 2021 peaked at $192b
Apple recorded $191b in net sales from iPhones in 2021, a 39% increase from its 2020 figures. Apple attributed the increase to new iPhone models launched in Q1 and Q4 2021 and a favourable mix of iPhone sales. Here are Apple's iPhone net sales over the years:

The world's top five smartphone companies shipped a combined 70% of the global shipments in 2022
The world’s smartphone companies shipped a combined 1.2 billion smartphones in 2022. Here are the top five.

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