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Top 15 inflation rates in the world; Nigeria ranks 13th globally, with an inflation rate of 31.7%
Inflation rate in Nigeria increased to 31.7% in February 2024. Nigeria has the 13th highest inflation rate out of 186 countries and territories as of February 2024. The data showcases Argentina leading with 276%, followed by Lebanon and Syria. Seven of the top fifteen are African.

Only 3 African countries had 100% access to electricity as of 2021
Only 8% of South Sudan's population had access to electricity as of 2021, representing Africa's lowest percentage. Although eight countries boasted between 90% and 100% access to electricity, more than 50% of the population of 24 other countries were without electricity.

Crimes against journalists: Top 20 African countries by number of deaths since 1992
Since 1992, 265 journalists have reportedly been killed in 51 African countries. On this year's International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, here are the top 20 African countries with the most crimes against journalists by the number of deaths.

Africa's 20 most powerful passports by the number of visa-free countries citizens can visit in 2021
Seychelles, Mauritius, and South Africa lead other African countries in the number of visa-free countries their citizens can visit globally. Here are the most powerful passports in Africa by the number of visa-free countries citizens can visit in 2021.

Eleven of the top fourteen diamond-producing countries in 2022 are Africa
African countries dominated the list of top diamond producers, with 11 of them among the top 14 in 2022. Russia tops the list with a production of 41.9 million carats, followed by Botswana, which produced 24.5 million carats. Here are the top diamond-producing countries in 2022.

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