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Egypt and South Africa collectively accounted for half the electricity generated in Africa in 2022
South Africa and Egypt generated 239 terawatt-hours (TWh) and 201 TWh of electricity, respectively, in 2022, accounting for a combined 50% of Africa's 881 TWh. These countries, along with Algeria, Morocco, and Nigeria, accounted for 68% of the continent's total. Despite being one of Africa's largest economies and having the continent's largest population, Nigeria's electricity generation has historically been lower than its potential.

Africa and Asia most affected by lack of drinking water in children's schools
A recent UNICEF report shows that 293m children worldwide did not have drinking water in their schools in 2023. Six African and four Asian countries make up the top ten, with Ethiopia and Nigeria occupying first and second positions, respectively, with 33.2m and 29m children. The top five countries account for 42% of the total affected population.

Nine of the top ten countries with the highest rate of female child marriage are African
Nine of the top ten countries with the highest rates of female child marriage are in Africa. Niger leads the list, with 76% of women aged 20 to 24 married or in union before 18. Bangladesh is the only non-African country in the top ten, with a rate of 51%.

Nigeria is the 11th happiest country of 40 African countries surveyed as of 2024 and 102nd in the world
Nigeria has ranked the 102nd happiest country of 143 countries surveyed globally as of 2024; it ranked 11th of 40 African countries.​ ​​ ​Libya ranked 66th globally and 1st in Africa, followed by Mauritius and South Africa in 70th and 83rd positions, respectively. The World Happiness Report ranks happiness based on GDP per capita, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, and corruption.

Only 3 African countries had 100% access to electricity as of 2021
Only 8% of South Sudan's population had access to electricity as of 2021, representing Africa's lowest percentage. Although eight countries boasted between 90% and 100% access to electricity, more than 50% of the population of 24 other countries were without electricity.

Chad and Nigeria had the lowest life expectancies in Africa as of 2023
The African countries with the highest life expectancies as of 2023 are: Algeria - 77 years, Tunisia - 77 years, Cape Verde - 77 years, Mauritius - 76 years. The African countries with the lowest life expectancies: Central African Republic - 55 years, Lesotho - 55 years, Nigeria - 54 years, Chad - 54 years.

DStv: Highest subscription costs in Africa
Nigeria’s House of Representatives recently approved pay-as-you-go pricing for DStv and other Cable TV operators. On average, Congolese subscribers pay the most for DStv as of 2021.

Africa's top five import countries collectively accounted for half of the continent's imports in 2022
African countries imported products worth $694 billion in 2022, with South Africa, the continent's leading importer, bringing in products worth $111.9 billion, representing 16.1% of the total. Egypt followed with $79.7 billion, constituting 11.5%.

The amount of time it would take to work to afford the cheapest broadband internet in African countries
South Africa's broadband internet is the most affordable among the 25 African countries surveyed. Subscribers would work 1 hour 43 minutes to afford the country’s cheapest broadband internet.

The amount of time it would take to afford the cheapest mobile Internet in African countries
Surfshark's 2023 Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index surveyed Internet affordability and four other key factors influencing the digital well-being of 121 countries, including 25 from Africa. Per the finding, Angola leads Africa in terms of Internet affordability in 2023.

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