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Internet and social media disruptions in Africa over the past five years
There were 90 Internet and social media disruptions across Africa between 2017 and 2021. The year 2019 had the highest disruptions with 25 across 16 countries.

Cost of Internet and social media shutdowns across Africa in 2021
Africa lost approximately $454 million and 2,802 hours between January and August 2021 to several forms of government-imposed social media shutdowns and Internet blackouts with Nigeria's Twitter shutdown recording the highest lost at $381.4 million.

Deliberate Internet shutdowns have cost Ethiopia an estimated $663 million so far in 2023
Deliberate Internet and social media shutdowns from Jan to Jul 2023 have cost the affected economies an estimated $2.1 billion combined, with Ethiopia the most affected. Asian and sub-Saharan African countries are the hardest hit.

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