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Nigerian students rank third in Canadian study permit recipients for 2023, surpassing Philippines and Nepal
In 2023, Nigerian students emerged as the third-highest recipients of Canadian study permits, behind India and China. This marked a jump from their fifth position in 2022, when 16,105 study permits were issued to its citizens. India maintained its position as the top source country, followed by China. The Philippines, Nepal, and France retained their places in the top ten.

Canada issued a record number of study permits to Nigerians: 37,630 in 2023
Compared to 2022, there was a remarkable surge of 133.7% in the issuance of Canadian study permits to Nigerians in 2023. After experiencing a decline in 2020 (-22%), the number of Nigerian study permit recipients rebounded strongly. Globally, the issuance of Canadian study permits witnessed an increase of 24.6%, climbing from 548,610 in 2022 to 683,585 in 2023.

Nigeria's electricity revenue has nearly quadrupled since 2015, growing from ₦279 billion to ₦1.07 trillion in 2023
Nigeria’s electricity distribution companies (DISCOs) generated ₦1.07 trillion revenue in 2023 — double 2020's amount and 3.8x that of 2015. From 2015 to 2023, revenue has grown from ₦279b to ₦1.07t, while customer base has increased by over 5m, from 7m to 12.1m.

Nigeria's railway passenger revenue peaked in 2021, while cargo revenue peaked in 2023
After peaking at ₦5.69b in 2021, Nigeria's railway revenue from passengers has fallen for two consecutive years, dropping to ₦4.43b in 2023. Cargo revenue, on the other hand, reached its highest (₦1.08b) in 2023.y revenue from passengers has fallen for two consecutive years, dropping to ₦4.43b in 2023. Cargo revenue, on the other hand, reached its highest (₦1.08b) in 2023.

Estimated mobile game spenders for the top African countries in 2023
Newzoo, a provider of video game and gamer data, reported that in 2023, mobile gamers in Egypt expended an estimated $212.6m, securing the 2nd position in the African mobile gaming market in terms of expenditure. Meanwhile, Nigerian mobile gamers spent approximately $229.7m, the highest expenditure within the continent and boasting a sizable 14.7m spenders.

Spotify artiste earnings in 2023: Distribution across income tiers
Spotify paid out more than $9 billion in music royalties in 2023. Artistes who received earnings ranged from 259,700 earning at least $1,000 to just 60 earning $10 million or more.

Twenty states and the FCT added a combined ₦643b to their domestic debt in 2023
How much more debt did Nigerian states add to their existing domestic debt in 2023? Nigerian states' domestic debt increased by 9.8% in 2023, with 20 states and the FCT contributing to this increase. Lagos State recorded the biggest jump in domestic debt with ₦241.5b added.

World Happiness Report: Nigeria's happiness score has remained below 5 since 2020
Nigeria’s happiness scores range from 4.552 to 5.268, fluctuating from year to year. There was a slight upward trend from 2016 to 2019, with the highest recorded in 2015. Here are Nigeria's happiness scores from 2012.

Nigeria's external debt increased by $800m in 2023, the lowest increase in the past seven years
At the end of every year from 2017 to 2023, Nigeria added between $800m and $7.5b to its external debt. After repaying $3.5 billion of its external debt in 2023, the country's external debt only increased by $800m as of December, marking the lowest increase in the past 7 years.

Debt financing accounts for 42% of Moove Africa's disclosed funding as of March 19, 2024
Moove Africa's total disclosed funding as of March 19, 2024, comprises 41.6% debt financing, 22.5% Series B, 19.8% Series A, 14.9% private equity, and 1.2% Seed round.

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