Airtel Africa: The continuous decline in voice service share of total revenue

April 17, 2024

With 140m customers across all its markets in sub-Saharan Africa as of 2023, Airtel is one of the region's leading telecommunications players. Airtel Africa had an impressive 2023, recording a year-on-year increase across all metrics except for a 0.66% drop in its profit after tax.

The company added more customers in all its services with an increase in fibre infrastructure and activating outlets.

Over the years, revenue from voice service has increased but its share of the total revenue has been declining going from 60.97% in 2019 to 46.16% in 2023. On the other hand, data accounted for 21.74% in 2019 and jumped to 33.11% in 2023.

Nigeria accounted for the largest share of Airtel Africa's revenue: 39.3%. Nigeria is its biggest market with 61.8m subscribers, accounting for 27.55% of subscribers for telephony services in the country: the second largest, after MTN Nigeria. Its Nigerian arm was also the second biggest telecom operator by number of Internet subscribers (GSM), accounting for 27.59% of the market users.


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