The Nigerian Insurance Industry

  • Top insurance companies in Nigeria by turnover and assets
  • Sectors driving the Nigerian insurance industry
  • Relationship between insurance coverage and people's education, religion, age, among others
  • The relationship between insurance agents' education, remuneration and their output
  • Everyone's side of the story: traditional insurance companies, insurance sales agents, and business owners
  • The biggest challenges with selling insurance products
  • Opportunities that abound across multiple sectors of the economy

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  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Industry overview
    • Key figures
    • Industry players
    • Top insurance companies in Nigeria in 2022
    • Compulsory insurance covers in Nigeria
  • Industry trends
    • Nigerian insurance industry in the last 13 years
    • Insurance premiums over the years
    • Market size of the Nigerian insurance industry over the years
    • Insurance's contribution to Nigeria's GDP over the years
    • Nigeria in comparison with other similar market
    • Share of Africa's insurance market in 2021
  • The people's story
    • Demographic
    • Their businesses: losses and layoff
    • Insurance coverage
    • Backup plans for these businesses
  • Insurance companies and their agents
    • Demography of financial sales associates
    • Training for financial sales associates
    • Financial sales associates' challenges
    • Insurance agents' tenure and others
    • The biggest challenges with selling insurance products
    • Marketing campaign for insurance products
    • Estimated premiums by estimated losses
  • Opportunities
    • Healthcare
    • Automobile
    • Device protection
    • Income protection
  • Stakeholder insights
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Year Published: 2024
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