Market and research intelligence through comprehensive and in-depth analyses

Intelpoint is the data and research arm of Techpremier Media Ltd (publishers of Techpoint Africa) that offers research consultancy services to businesses and institutes.

Intelpoint helps investors, businesses, entrepreneurs, and policymakers make informed decisions by providing in-depth analyses and reports on various industries. It also offers market research and analysis as a service to corporate clients.

Market research and analysis
Industry trends and reports

Our Offerings


Our research provides answers to your burning questions about building new products/services or entering a new market, among other identified areas of concern

Report partnership 
and sponsorship

This involves working with brands for reports that provide insights about their respective industries. We also work with clients who want to make more sense of their industry figures.

Get our rate card for other ways we can work with you. You can also let us know about your custom report idea(s).

The team

Yinka Awosanya

Research Lead

Abiodun Adenle

Research Associate
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